Detroit's Rock N' Roll Messiah

American Born Musician/Songwriter

(Jan 23, 1995)

Raised in suburbs of Detroit. MI
by his parents, 3rd generation Polish American's.

At the young age of 6, Kyle received a Red Stratocaster mini for Christmas, his interest in music developed greatly after that.
By age 10, music was his main focus devoting most of his time to the guitar.

By age 15, he started to roadie for a band called "Kro-Magnon" in attempt to learn the inner workings of a band. Shortly after, he was asked to be Bassist.

By the age of 16 (2010), the musical path was proving more and more fitting as
 "Kro-Magnon" gained attention with Mikolajczyk at the helm of the business.
Unlike others his age worried about video games, school dances, sports or even college, Kyle's focus was on music.

His determination led "Kro-Magnon" to immense local success and were labeled "Detroit's Best Metal Band" by multiple Metro-Detroit press syndicates.

Only days after the demise of "Kro-Magnon" in 2011
the long time vision of Mikolajczyk's "HazardHead" was born, and has since been his most notable of his acts as Songwriter/Guitarist

In 2013, the yearning for more musical knowledge led him to find many other acts to perform in & record with.
His "open-minded" musical approach has found him in many genres ranging from,
Blues, Metal, Psychedelic, Punk, Pop, Pop Punk, R&B & Hip Hop.

Mikolajczyk has proudly made himself known for promoting the following:
-Rock N Roll & Blues Music
-His Hometown of Detroit.MI USA
-The Pursuit of Happiness

He is also known for being a vital component of the Detroit/Michigan Music Scene, often times playing in more than one band a show, 2 shows a day, opening for national acts regardless of genre and residencies at some of Michigan's most historic venues. such as, Harpo's Concert Theatre, The Token Lounge, Paycheck's & The Crossroad's.
Performing relentlessly and eventually earning the undisputed title 
"Detroit's Rock N' Roll Messiah"

In 2013, Kyle began his work as a Humanitarian and led "HazardHead" thru multiple fundraising shows for charity resulting in $15,000 raised for local charities such as,
-Detroit Fire Dept.
-Toys For Tots
-Autism Awareness
-Child Abuse Prevention & Aide
and to this day works diligently with charities to end hunger, poverty and improving quality of life for Detroiter’s.

Mikolajczyk has exhibited high caliber musicianship on multiple instruments, such as:
-Guitar (Electric, Acoustic)
-Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar: Swizzille Trip, Little Liars (Tribute to Joan Jett), Bloodstone (tribute to Judas Priest), Black Feather, Whiskey A Go-Go (80s tribute) & Seven Story Fall

Guitar: Sever It All, HazardHead, Leathertongue, Rebekah Faidia & Kyle Mikolajczyk Blues Revue.

Drums: The Johnny Fangers Band

Detroit Trouble, Uzi Suicide, Pretty Tied Up, Rolling Blue, The Creeping Chaos, The Vibes, Confirmed, Twiggy & The Riots, Flush, The Warped Vinyls, Archimime & Kro-Magnon